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Studio Etiquette and Class Cancellation Policy

10 ways to ensure your best class experience at Strapped Fitness studio each and every class!


At Strapped Fitness, our priority is you and your experience.  We want to ensure that every class is a success.  Here are some helpful tips and tricks to ensure your best class experience each and every time you step foot into our studio.


  1. Please ensure you are on time for class, all classes start on time

  2. If you are late please be mindful of other students, enter as quickly and quietly as possible

  3. Register for your classes

    1. Monday at 6pm, Wednesday at 6pm and Saturday at 8am classes fill fast, it’s important to register ahead of time to ensure your spot.  These classes are limited to 12 students only

    2. Soothe and Stretch classes have a maximum capacity of 10 students, limited space means these classes will fill up quickly

  4. Don’t hesitate to go on a waitlist - spots open up regularly. When another student cancels their registration, you will be notified via email that a spot has opened up so you can reserve your spot in the desired class and time

  5. Please cancel your class registration if you know you will not be coming - this ensures that other students on the waitlist will get into class.  Remember, we are a fitness community, and an essential part of community is the consideration of others so that we can all reap the benefits of Strapped Fitness

  6. Doors open 10 minutes before the start of class

  7. Arrive early to set up in a spot that is conducive to your learning and fitness level

  8. How to choose the correct spot in the room

    1. Are you an auditory learner?  Then position yourself close to the teacher

    2. Are you a visual learner?  Then position yourself in the front row close to the mirrors

    3. Are you sound sensitive?  Our speaker is positioned near the front door.  Position yourself away from the door to ensure a better class experience

    4. Do you need the wall for balance support?  Position yourself in the second row of the studio

  9. At the end of class, please clean up after yourself - there is a spray bottle and cleaning cloths on the shelf by the front door to wipe your bands and mat area after class

  10. Class cancellations:

    1. Morning classes will be cancelled 12 hours prior to their scheduled start time if no students are registered

    2. Afternoon and evening classes will be cancelled 4 hours prior to their scheduled start time if no students are registered

*If even ONE student is registered for class, the class WILL RUN, which is why it is important to book in if you are planning on coming

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