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STRAPPED ORIGINAL (OG) - 30, 60 or 75 min class

Strength and Conditioning

This is the original STRAPPED class that started it all.  Using resistance bands and your own bodyweight, you will train your entire body from top to bottom, including your mind and nervous system.  This class is all about having fun, moving as a group, "on beat" to energizing music, while achieving the ultimate workout!  By prioritizing form in every exercise you will broaden your skill and expand your knowledge of key foundational strength training exercises. Every Strapped Original class contains a core-strengthening component as well as essential functional and strength-building movements.

STRAPPED SQUARED - 60 min class


A high volume STRAPPED class offering interval style training that will build strength and improve stamina.  The class features 4 SQUARES of 4 exercises.  Each of the 4 exercises will be performed for a set duration, with a brief rest before beginning the next exercise, repeated 4 times to create each square.  Classes begin with joint mobility and dynamic movement, and end with breath-work to remain in alignment with core values of STRAPPED, which is to improve your body and your mind, your strength and your mobility.  This class moves FAST, so prior participation in STRAPPED OG class is highly recommended in order to build body awareness and conditioning.

STRAPPED STRETCH - 30, 45 and 60 min classes

Mobilize and Stretch for Success

In this mobility and flexibility focused STRAPPED class you will learn how to properly stretch and compress muscles, and how to mobilize and stabilize your joints through a variety of fun and low-stress exercises.  When done on its own, this class is an excellent way to relax, reduce stress, improve flexibility, and achieve mental focus and clarity.  STRAPPED Stretch also makes the perfect complement to the strength and conditioning focused STRAPPED OG and STRAPPED Squared class.  Take a STRAPPED Stretch class prior to the other STRAPPED classes to warm up and mobilize the joints, or after class to calm the nervous system and aid in recovery.

STRAPPED SYNC - 30 min class


This is the only true AEROBIC class in the STRAPPED line-up.  Learn choreographed moves done to the beat of music, using resistance bands to increase the intensity and challenge.  This class is an amazing way to learn total body coordination and mental focus in a fun and energizing way.

STRAPPED SOOTHE 60 and 75 min classes

Breathe and Relax

Relax your day away in this NEW STRAPPED class heavily focused on gentle and restorative movement.  Incorporating movement to breath, dynamic and static stretches, breath work, MFR release and mediation, STRAPPED Soothe will bring complete and total balance to your fitness program and overall well being.

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